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The Eastern and Southern African Anti-Money Laundering Group published its first enhanced follow-up report concerning Tanzania’s efforts to improve its anti-money laundering and counterterrorist financing framework.

The Government of Tanzania enacted amended anti-money laundering and proceeds of crime regulations.


Enforcement Actions

The Bank of Tanzania issued a notice announcing the fine of TZS175 million against the Dar es Salaam, Tanzania-based financial institution for its violation of regulations 17, 22 and 28 pursuant to Anti-Money Laundering Regulations, 2012.

The Bank of Tanzania announced a fine of TZS325 million against the Dar es Salaam, Tanzania-based bank by the Bank of Tanzania is for its breach of regulations 17, 22 and 28 of the Anti-Money Laundering Regulations, 2012.

Important Facts

  • The U.S. State Department identifies Tanzania as a major money laundering jurisdiction. While Tanzania is not a major regional financial center, its location at the crossroads of southern, central and eastern Africa leaves the country vulnerable to illicit finance and criminal activities with nexuses to money laundering. Such crimes include tax evasion, corruption, smuggling, trade invoice manipulation, illicit trade in drugs and counterfeit goods, wildlife trafficking, and terrorist financing. Given that a majority of Tanzania's population works in the informal sectors, cash-based, informal, nontraditional financial systems heighten vulnerabilities to financial crimes. Individuals and financial investors attempt to evade taxes by transferring money outside the formal financial system. Cross-border trade in used-cars, auto parts, clothing, cosmetics, smuggled cigarettes and foodstuffs, as well as illegal trading in precious minerals and stones also presents challenges in combating financial crime. Criminals use front companies, hawaladars and currency exchanges to launder funds, particularly in the island of Zanzibar.Source: 2020 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR)    


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Largely Compliant : 12 Substantial : 0
Partially Compliant : 16 Moderate : 2
Non-Compliant : 9 Low : 9


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