Financial Crime Matters: Former FBI Agent Tackles Tracing Illicit Cryptocurrency Transactions

By Kieran Beer

In the latest episode of Financial Crime Matters, Kieran Beer, editor in chief of ACAMS, and Gurvais Grigg,  chief technology officer at Chainalysis, a New York-based blockchain analytics firm, discuss the company’s work with the government and financial institutions, the recent spike in ransomware attacks, and the use of tumblers and mixers to obfuscate cryptocurrency transactions. Grigg, who joined Chainalysis after 23 years with the FBI, also outlines the procedures exchanges should have in place to prevent illicit transactions and reveals the most common financial crimes involving cryptocurrency.

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Topics : Anti-money laundering , Counterterrorist Financing , Cryptocurrencies , Info. Security/Cybercrime
Source: Nonprofits/Private Organizations
Document Date: October 4, 2021