Caribbean Traffickers Funneled Funds to China through MSBs

The skyline of Port of Spain, the capital and most populous city of Trinidad, rises above the harbor in this photograph by iStock. Trinidad and Tobago authorities have recently linked victims trafficked from Venezuela to remittances sent to China.


Legs & Regs

A growing percentage of the millions of euros in charitable contributions misdirected to terrorists and extremists in France each year is flowing through "online money pots," crowdfunding platforms that generally do not screen clients for due-diligence purposes, French officials said.
The U.S. Treasury Department has accused a prominent Lebanese diamond dealer and a Congo-based money launderer of funneling tens of millions of dollars to the Lebanese militia, Hezbollah, and buying high-end art works to evade sanctions.
Trinidad and Tobago targets human traffickers, U.S. blacklists Iranian shipping firm and airline, and more, in this week's roundup.

Enforcement Actions

The Office of Foreign Assets Control issued a finding of violation against the San Antonio, TX-based company for potential violations of the Global Terrorism Sanctions Regulations related to a contract and contingent contract with Mahan Air, a designated Iranian commercial airline company.
The U.S. Justice Department entered into a deferred prosecution agreement with the Geneva, Switzerland-based financial institution requiring it to pay a penalty, restitution and forfeiture totaling $192.35 million for helping certain U.S. taxpayers evade their U.S. tax obligations.