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EU Governments, Parliament Agree on Single AML Rulebook

The European Parliament and the EU’s 27 national governments in the early hours of Thursday reached a provisional agreement on a landmark regulation that seeks to harmonize the application of anti-money laundering rules across the bloc.

The single rulebook will newly subject professional soccer clubs, luxury car sellers and private jet traders to AML rules, require financial institutions to conduct enhanced due diligence on wealthy customers engaged in large transactions and introduce an EU-wide limit on cash payments of €10,000.

A proposal by lawmakers to lower the threshold at which firms must identify the beneficial owners of legal entities they serve from the current 25 percent stake to 15 percent did not make it into the regulation amid opposition from EU member states.

The parties also struck a deal on the final text of a new directive, 6AMLD, that will guarantee access to beneficial ownership registries for journalists, academics and other parties with a “legitimate interest” and furnish national financial intelligence units with new powers, including the ability to suspend suspicious transactions, among other measures. may update this coverage as more information becomes available.
Topics : Anti-money laundering , Counterterrorist Financing
Source: European Union
Document Date: January 18, 2024